Greening Health Care
Founded in 2004, Greening Health Care is the largest and longest serving program of its kind in North America, helping hospitals work together to lower their energy costs, raise their environmental performance and contribute to the health and well-being of their communities. Members manage data, assess their performance and track savings through a powerful online energy management system. They share knowledge and best practices through workshops, webinars and networking to help plan, implement and verify improvements.
Making Savings
  Savings 2023
(vs. 2022)
Savings Percent Savings 2023
(vs. 2021)
Savings Percent
Electricity 10,659 MWh 1.1 % (2,566) MWh (0.3) %
Demand 29 MW 2.3 % 26 MW 2.2 %
Thermal (42,391) eMWh (2.9) % (11,701) eMWh (0.8) %
Total energy (31,731) eMWh (1.3) % (14,267) eMWh (0.6) %
Water (66) 10m3 (2.1) % 9 10m3 0.3 %
Greenhouse gas emissions (CO2e) (7,014) tonnes (4,048) tonnes
Energy Cost Savings ($ 508,134) ($ 737,188)
Not all participant buildings are reporting in all years or in all categories. Savings are reported on a net basis.
Results as of December 31, 2023
numbers in ( ) are increases
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Ontario organizations 33
 Centre for Addiction and Mental Health  Providence Care
 Grand River Hospital  Ross Memorial Hospital
 Halton Healthcare Services  Runnymede Healthcare Centre
 Headwaters Health Care Centre  Sault Area Hospital
 Humber River Hospital  Shared Services West
 Kingston Health Sciences Centre  SickKids
 Lakeridge Health  Sinai Health System
 Mackenzie Health  Southlake Regional Health Centre
 Michael Garron Hospital  St Mary's General Hospital
 Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare  Thunder Bay RHSC
 Niagara Health System  Trillium Health Partners
 North Wellington Health Care  Waypoint Centre for Mental Health
 North York General Hospital  West Park Healthcare Centre
 Oak Valley Health  William Osler Health System
 Ontario Shores  Windsor Regional Hospital
 Orillia Soldiers' Memorial Hospital  Women's College Hospital
 Peterborough Regional Health Centre
Total buildings 69
Total building area 3,433,156 m2
Alberta organizations 1
 Alberta Health Services
Total buildings 5
Total building area 581,769 m2
Manitoba organizations 1
 Shared Health Manitoba
Total buildings 4
Total building area 404,953 m2
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